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4 Facts about dreaming

Dreaming is like stepping into the unknown, as soon as our heads hit the pillow each night, we are blissfully unaware of where our minds will travel to whilst we are asleep.

We all dream about pretty much anything; sometimes your dreams are that good you’re annoyed that the alarm clock has interrupted it. But in some cases, they can also be freakishly vivid and scary to match.

Here are some truly incredible facts about our dreams.

Blind people can see in their dreams

It would certainly come as a surprise to many (me included) that people who become blind after birth can see images within their dreams, whereas those who were born blind, still enjoy vivid dreams, but experience them through their senses that haven’t been impaired.


Epic Dreams

Even the name makes them sound awesome.

Epic dreams can have a life-changing effect and can give the recipient a new outlook on how to live.

When you wake from an epic dream, you will feel like you have experienced something completely out of the ordinary, and will stay with you for years to come.

Dreams and world changing events

There are many instances in history where dreams have been credited for influencing some amazing world or life changing events. Here’s a few:

Animals dream too

We don’t know exactly what they dream about, but it has been proven that as mammals, just like humans, our pets can enjoy dreams in their sleep as well.

I’ve no idea what this kitten is dreaming about, but it’s very cute.

Why don’t you enjoy your next dream in the comfort of a high quality bed from The Odd Mattress Company.

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