Does Your Personality Affect How You Sleep?

There are a number of things that can affect your sleeping pattern, whether it be your bedtime or your exercise routine.  However, did you know that your personality can impact the way you sleep? Over time there have been numerous studies that have found links between certain personality traits and sleep patterns. Your personality, including … Continue reading “Does Your Personality Affect How You Sleep?”

Four Bad Sleeping Habits You Should Kick for a Better Rest

A good night’s sleep is an essential part to a successful day. Not getting enough sleep will not only make you feel groggy and irritable in the morning, but it will make concentrating and functioning much more difficult. Therefore, when you are finding it hard to settle down and get some shut-eye at night, it … Continue reading “Four Bad Sleeping Habits You Should Kick for a Better Rest”

What causes night terrors in toddlers?

If you have ever experienced someone else having a night terror, you were probably quite distressed by what you saw. Much worse than a nightmare but very different, night terrors are difficult to be woken up from. Read on to learn how to recognise night terrors in toddlers, what to do if a child is … Continue reading “What causes night terrors in toddlers?”