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Cheaper economy mattresses with limited layers of fillings tend not to show body indents since there is very little wadding. On higher end quality mattresses with deep layers of natural fillings you are likely to experience settlement. This settlement tends to be more pronounced on wider kingsize or super kingsize mattresses where you have little need to sleep on the edge or the centre of the mattress. This means that initially body impressions will be more visible as the deep mattress fillings beneath each user are compressed. Mattresses with soft natural layers such as cotton, lambswool and cashmere are more prone to these signs of settlement. Settlement on deep filled mattresses is not a fault and should not cause concern. Regular turning of the mattress will allow the fillings to settle and even out.


We recommend that you turn your new mattress once a week during the first three months and gradually increasing the interval until you are turning about 4 times a year. Turning your mattress allows the deep fillings to settle evenly and facilitates the ‘bedding in’ process whereby the new and therefore tight fabrics and fillings begin to relax and stretch. You should alternate the turning from side to side and head to toe.



You should not place your bottom sheet directly on top of your mattress. . We anticipate that you will use your mattress for thousands of nights but you will never be able to wash it. We recommend that you use a good quality cotton faced mattress protector. Washing the protector regularly will keep your mattress fresh and hygienic.

We advise:
Do not put your new mattress on an old divan or bed base as this is likely to distort the mattress and reduce its useable life.
Purchase a good quality mattress protector that can be washed regularly to keep your mattress fresh.


New mattress experience – turning the mattress

A high quality mattress will contain many layers of deep natural fillings. In a new mattress these layers will be tight and the fibres interwoven. As you begin to lie on the mattress the fibres and the fabrics will stretch and begin to relax. This process is quite normal and is likely to take several weeks. During this period it is necessary to turn the mattress regularly to allow even settlement of the fillings and to air the mattress. This  ‘bedding in’ process is similar to wearing a new pair of shoes which often feel stiff but become more and more comfortable as the leather stretches and becomes more supple.


We advise:

You should turn the mattress once every week for the first 3 months, and thereafter the mattress should be turned at least 4 times a year.
Turn the mattress side to side and head to toe.
Purchase a good quality mattress protector that can be washed regularly to keep your mattress fresh.
Do not put your new mattress on an old base or divan as this is likely to distort the mattress and reduce its useable life.


Notes about Made to Measure Mattresses
All of our special size handmade mattresses use natural and flexible materials for a perfect night’s
sleep. It is important to therefore remember that due to the natural softness and flexibility of the
materials that we use that minor variations of +/-1.5% may occur from time to time and these
tolerances should be considered when taking your measurements before placing an order. In the
unlikely event that you encounter significant issues with any order we will always do everything that
we can to properly rectify the issue and provide you with a mattress that is a good fit.

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