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We are the UK’s Premier specialists in odd sized and made to measure fully sprung mattresses.

At The Odd Mattress Company, we know that not every bed comes in a standard size and that a good night’s sleep is important and so sometimes only a luxury handmade mattress will do.

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We have been producing and selling our luxurious deep filled handmade mattresses for over 30 years and we really know what’s needed for a good sleep. We serve the whole of the UK and we encourage our customers to get in touch with us to discuss your individual requirements before placing an order as it is important for you to ensure that the sizes and specification that you state on your order is correct.

At The Odd Mattress Company, we use traditional English craft to produce our exceptional quality mattresses and we use Belgian cotton damask and striped ticking to cover our bed bases and mattresses as well as lamb’s wool and cashmere fillings and durable side stitching. Our mattresses are built to last and we also offer extra filling, special size bespoke mattresses, deep mattresses, long mattresses, wide mattresses, narrow mattresses and more to suit your specific needs.


We have a friendly and dedicated team who are able to you talk through your requirements and come up with solutions to your specific bed and mattress needs. All of our staff are very helpful and can give you additional information to help with your order, including how to take correct measurements, which type of mattress is best for you and how to find the correct firmness rating to suit you.

Encouragingly 50% of the Odd Mattress Companies customers are repeat purchasers or customers visiting us via personal recommendation. Also over 50% of The Odd Mattress Company sales are for normal standard sized mattresses, but with an emphasis on high quality, comfort and value.

“Long or short, broad or thin, we can supply anything. Whatever shape, however deep, we guarantee a good night’s sleep.”

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When you purchase your mattress from The Odd Mattress Company we guarantee that we can supply you with a fully sprung mattress that will surpass your expectations in value, quality and comfort. All our mattresses are fully sprung with natural fillings such as curled hair, cotton, lamb’s wool and cashmere. All our mattresses are covered in either traditional 100% cotton striped ticking or in a cream 100% cotton cover.

We have a personal expert team who will help you with your choice and queries .

Our Company ethos is



“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures for anything.” – Irish Proverb