Bed Bases

bed bases

If you are in need of a good quality bed base you’re in the right place. At The Odd Mattress Company, we produce high quality bed bases that are upholstered in luxurious Belgian cotton damask, or you can opt for a more traditional striped ticking for a classic look.

We offer more than simply the perfect Divan bed base. We also have a vast selection of antique bed bases including four poster bed frames, antique style metal beds, brass bed frames, wooden bases and more. If you’re looking for something in between, you will love our sprung bases which have a sprung middle section while the edges are firm. The bed bases in our collection include divan, sprung and antique bed bases and come with the option of being upholstered with luxurious Belgian cotton for a deluxe look and feel, or in striped ticking for a more traditional style.

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Extra Support

No matter what level of firmness you are looking for from your bed, we a range of options to give you a great night’s sleep. Even with the Divan bed bases, you can opt for a sprung top Divan, a sprung top base with a firm top or a sprung edge. Every single one of our products is made with love and care with the aim of producing the highest quality and most comfortable sleeping conditions.

Any Shape or Size

As with our made to measure mattresses, we are able to manufacture our bed bases in any shape or depth. For the antique or sprung bed bases, we are able to offer a 2” or 4” depth. Our bases come in sizes from 2’6” up to 7’6”, so no matter what size you need you’ll get the perfect fit.

We would encourage you to give us a call today to get a free quote and discuss your requirements so that our friendly, professional and knowledgeable team can help you to make the right choice of bed base and/or custom mattress.

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Guide to Types of Bed Base

Sprung Edge Bed Bases
The base is fully sprung and is designed to give added comfort and to be durable and last for many years. It works in conjunction with your handmade mattress and helps to extend the life of your mattress.

Platform Top Bed Base
The platform top is a solid or firm top and is ideal for those who like a firmer feel to the bed.

Slatted Bases
We would consider the use of some slatted bases beneath a mattress to be a compromise used on budget style bed frames. Please call our team for helpful guidance if you are using your new mattress on a slatted base.

Do not use a one piece mattress on a slatted base which has been designed for twin zipped mattresses as this will create a ridge down the centre of your mattress.

The use of one of our mattresses on a slatted base which is unable to offer full support to the mattress will invalidate your warranty.

Should you replace your divan base?
We would strongly recommend that you consider replacing your divan base when you purchase a new mattress as they are designed to complement each other in terms of structure and support. The use of a new mattress upon an old or distorted base could substantially reduce the life of your new mattress, compromise comfort levels and will invalidate your warranty.