Antique English Bed Bases

If you have an antique bed frame that holds sentimental value or complements the style of your home but it’s not offering you the quality of sleep that you need, getting a replacement bed base for your antique beds could be the solution.

Antique metal sprung bed bases were typical for their time and were characterised by exposed springs. Although these exposed springs might be authentic, they are unable to offer the correct support for a modern sprung mattress.

At The Odd Mattress Company we provide a shallow upholstered version of this base which will correctly support the mattress and complete your antique bed, whilst retaining the traditional appearance and character.

We can create a bespoke antique bed base to fit any size or shape of frame to maintain the optimum support for your modern mattress. Get in touch to discuss your requirements today on 01772 786666 or complete the form below.

Custom Antique Bed Base

Just like our mattresses, all of our bed bases can also be made to measure.

Antique beds were often made custom, meaning they come in all sizes. Because of this, if you have an antique bed frame you probably need a custom-made mattress that’s tailored to your bed frame dimensions.

If you have a typical antique bed with a low metal frame, you’ll need a sprung box base, otherwise the mattress will sit too low on the frame. We make sprung box bases to customer specification, depending on the size and style of your antique bed frame.

Quality Antique Bed Base Materials

All of our antique bed bases are made with high quality materials including a choice of either a cream cotton or traditional striped ticking for the upholstery. This means you can match the base to your room, or make it fit in with the colour or material of your mattress.

Antique Bed Base Pricing
Widths 2’6″ / 75cm to 5’0″ / 150cm
Imperial Width2’6″3’0″3’6″4’0″ / 4’6″5’0″
Metric Width75 cm90 cm106 cm120 / 135 cm150 cm
Upholstered firm top base 2″ or 4″£140£160£175£225£255
Upholstered sprung base 4″ deep£185£195£215£285£305

Widths 5’3″ / 160cm to 7’6″ / 228cm

Imperial Width5’3″ / 5’6″6’0″6’6″7’0″7’6″
Metric Width160 / 168 cm180 cm200 cm213 cm228 cm
Upholstered firm top base 2″ or 4″£290£325£345£360£375
Upholstered sprung base 4″ deep£340£370£385£415£450

Cut out corners: from £65

Bases can be made to any standard or non standard dimension, call us today on 01772 786666