Antique English Bed Bases

Antique iron, brass or wooden English beds were designed to use a shallow bed base underneath the mattress, usually constructed of open springs.  We can now provide an upholstered version of this base which will correctly support the mattress and compliment the upholstery of the mattress. The bases can be made in a range of depths to suit the individual bed design. We would not encourage the use of wooden slats

Antique Continental Bed Bases

Antique beds were often made to a customer’s specifications and as such sizes may vary from bed to bed. It should not be assumed that our UK standard size mattresses or bases will be suitable for antique continental beds.

These beds were generally designed to use a deep upholstered bed base underneath the mattress. This was to achieve height for the mattress and create the correct “ look”. These beds are now often sold with slats, but aesthetically a deeper box base is required , as the mattress will often sit too low on the  bed frame.

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