Divan Bed Bases

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We create every divan base to the highest possible standard and promise quality and durability.

A divan bed base is a popular choice, offering stability, comfort, style, and practicality in one package. You can now get a divan bed in custom sizes to perfectly suit your room or ensure an ideal fit with your bespoke mattress.

We handcraft all of our divan bases, using high quality materials and traditional construction methods that guarantee durability and an excellent finish.

You can choose everything about your divan, from the length to the width, the storage to the upholstery. For the bed base you’ve been dreaming about, go bespoke. Contact us today on 01772 786666 or by completing the form below.

What Is A Divan?

A divan bed base is one of the more popular modern styles of bed base. It usually consists of two parts, a top and a bottom, that are connected together and sit on small legs or castors. We make the bases in two sections, as in many cases, it would not be possible to manoeuvre a full sized base up staircases. Typically, a divan will be made of a wooden frame and upholstered with a soft but strong fabric, creating a sturdy and comfortable base for your mattress.

Some of the benefits of divan bed bases include their sturdy construction and excellent storage options, creating space in small homes.

Custom Made

As with all of our bed bases and mattresses, we can custom build your divan bed base to make it the size that you need. Whether that’s because you’re looking for a smaller bed base to fit in an awkwardly sized room, or you want an extra-wide bed for added comfort, we build bespoke divan bases to your specification.

Our bases can be made in different widths, lengths, depths, and shapes, so finding the best fitting bed for your bedroom is an easy process. We can also make you a bespoke mattress to compliment your new divan, ensuring a perfect fit and comfort.

Quality Divan Materials

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If you want a classic look, we can upholster your base with traditional striped cotton ticking or cream cotton cover. If you’re looking for something more modern we can upholster in a range of coloured fabrics or faux suede and leather. Sample swatches are available on request.

Alternatively, you can choose to pick your own upholstering material to create a bed base that fits perfectly into your existing décor, as long as it meets our safety regulations.