Firm Top Bed Bases

Your mattress supports you – now support it with a firm top bed base.

Firm top upholstered bed bases are most commonly used on wooden or metal bed frames and sit on top of or inside the side rails that connect the head-end of the frame to the foot-end.

They are constructed from timber, which is fully upholstered in either a cream cotton or traditional striped cotton ticking. The top surface is perforated to allow air to circulate through the mattress. Since there are no springs within the base, this style of base creates a firmer more supportive platform for the mattress.

If you would like to know more about our range of firm top bed bases please contact us on 01772 786666 or complete the form below.

Custom Firm Top Bed Bases

Like our mattresses, our firm top bed bases can be made to measure and offer outstanding support, comfort and style.

We can tailor-make your bed base to the measurements you need, with options for tailoring the size including choosing the depth, length, and width.

If you have an unusually shaped bed frame, or you’re trying to maximise the space in a small bedroom, getting a bespoke bed base is invaluable.

Quality Firm Top Bed Base Materials

All of our firm top bed bases are also made with high quality materials, by hand, using traditional English crafting methods.

We upholster bed bases with cream cotton for a stylish and sophisticated appearance, or alternatively you can choose striped ticking for a more traditional look.

Firm Top Bed Base Pricing

(For special sizes see the information at the bottom of this page)
Widths 2’6″ / 75cm to 5’0″ / 150cm

Imperial Width2’6″3’0″3’6″4’0″ / 4’6″5’0″
Metric Width75 cm90 cm106 cm120 / 135 cm150 cm
Upholstered firm top base 2″ or 4″£140£160£175£225£255
Upholstered sprung base 4″ deep£185£195£215£285£305

Widths 5’3″ / 160cm to 7’6″ / 228cm

Imperial Width5’3″ / 5’6″6’0″6’6″7’0″7’6″
Metric Width160 / 168 cm180 cm200 cm213 cm228 cm
Upholstered firm top base 2″ or 4″£290£325£345£360£375
Upholstered sprung base 4″ deep£340£370£385£415£450

Cut out corners: from £65

3pricing bed bases


Up to 4’6″ (135cm) wide – 6’3″ (190cm) long

5’0″ (150cm) wide upwards – 6’6″ (200cm) long


Add 10% to normal price for any length or width reductions


Example – You want a 4’8″ (140cm) wide bed, therefore, choose a 5’0″ (150cm) wide bed base/divan, and have it reduced in width by adding 10% to the 5’0″ (150cm) price.


Up to 6’9″ (206cm) long – add 20%

Up to 7’0″ (214cm) long – add 25%

Up to 7’6″ (230cm) long – add 30%

Up to 8’0″ (244cm) long – add 35%


If you are looking to buy short or narrow bed bases/divans, we charge an additional 10% on top of the standard prices for reductions in length or width that are under the standard sizes. For extra width beds, simply choose a bed base/divan in the next width column upwards and add 10% to have it reduced in width, e.g. You want a bed base/divan 4’8″ wide – choose a 5’0″ bed base/divan and to have it reduced in width – add 10% to the 5’0″ price. For long and extra long bed bases/divans, please add 20% to the price for up to 6’9”, add 25% for up to 7’0”, add 30% up to 7’6” and add 35% for up to 8’0”.