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How Are Bespoke Mattresses Made?

Are you wondering how our bespoke mattresses are made? It’s all about listening and responding to the personal preferences and requirements of our customers. Each of our bespoke mattresses are made with exceptional attention to detail and careful consideration of how each element will affect overall comfort and feel. These are some of the key … Continue reading “How Are Bespoke Mattresses Made?”

Buying A Made To Measure Mattress: Top 5 Things To Consider

Does the made to measure mattress have a natural filling? Is the mattress pocket sprung or foam? What firmness of mattress do you require? How precise can the manufacturer be? What depth do you wish the mattress to be? Buying a made to measure mattress is a lifestyle changing investment that requires a great deal … Continue reading “Buying A Made To Measure Mattress: Top 5 Things To Consider”

How Many Hours Of Deep Sleep Do You Need?

A regular sleep cycle includes many different parts, but deep sleep (also known as delta sleep) is the most important. Deep sleep has a number of beneficial effects on the body, all of which contribute towards rest and repair. When you’re in a state of deep sleep, your body can flush itself of toxins, replace … Continue reading “How Many Hours Of Deep Sleep Do You Need?”

Choosing The Right Caravan Mattress

Everybody knows the value of a comfortable mattress, so when you’re on holiday in your caravan or campervan, it’s no different. Whether you get away at weekends or are on the road full time, a comfortable mattress will be the difference between a good or bad night’s sleep. However, caravans come in all shapes and … Continue reading “Choosing The Right Caravan Mattress”