The Best Natural Fillings For Mattresses

Natural fillings are perfect for mattresses, offering comfort and support without the irritation that synthetic mattress fillings can cause. There are a range of different mattress natural fillings, from cotton to cashmere, but which one is the best material for your natural mattress?     Curled hair Curled horse hair is a traditional mattress filling … Continue reading “The Best Natural Fillings For Mattresses”

How To Get Better At Mornings (Even When You’re Not A Morning Person)

Whether waking up earlier to make time to pursue a hobby or interest, getting exercise, or simply getting to work on time, if you find yourself struggling to switch on in the mornings, there’s a system you can put in place to help you wake up better and make your life easier. Even when you’re … Continue reading “How To Get Better At Mornings (Even When You’re Not A Morning Person)”

Why Choose A Handmade Mattress?

People everywhere are starting to realise that choosing a new mattress is an investment worth careful thought. Considering how long mattresses last, your choice will be with you for a while so it’s important to get it right. That’s why handmade mattresses can be such a great option when it comes to updating your bed. … Continue reading “Why Choose A Handmade Mattress?”

Tips To Prevent Nightmares

Trying to interpret our dreams the day after having them can be an interesting activity but it’s not always so fun with nightmares. Nightmares are lengthy, elaborate dreams that can trigger negative emotions like fear, anxiety or sadness. They also have the ability to interfere with our sleep. Which can have a negative impact on … Continue reading “Tips To Prevent Nightmares”

How Long Should A Mattress Last?

Your mattress is one of the most hard-working items of furniture you’ll own. Mattresses can seem expensive when considered as an upfront cost, but when you think about them as an investment, they start to make more sense. Perhaps because we aren’t awake for most of the time we spend on our mattress, we don’t … Continue reading “How Long Should A Mattress Last?”