Enjoy sharing a bed again with an extra-wide mattress

We have all experienced how a good restful night’s sleep can make your day and conversely how a bad night sleep can ruin it. For many of us, sharing a bed with a loved one can provide a calming sense of security and comfort – that is, until they roll onto your side, or take … Continue reading “Enjoy sharing a bed again with an extra-wide mattress”

Why Bed Bugs Get on Mattresses

Unfortunately, there are a variety of suspect things that share our bed whilst we’re sleeping. Some are completely harmless, such as dead skin and bacteria, but certain lurking pests can make your skin crawl – literally! Bed bugs are small insects that live in the crevices of your bed. They’re nocturnal, so they crawl out … Continue reading “Why Bed Bugs Get on Mattresses”

Signs You Need a New Mattress

Image credit: iStockPoto.com / dima_sidelnikov (via Custard Online Marketing Ltd) We all love the feeling of turning the lights off, getting under the quilt and falling straight to sleep. But if you’re struggling to enjoy the experience, it may be due to your environment. Your mattress, pillows and duvets all have a major impact on … Continue reading “Signs You Need a New Mattress”