Divan Bed Bases

Our superior divan bed bases offer outstanding support, comfort and style and better still, can be made to measure.

We pride ourselves on our customers’ satisfaction and only use the very finest quality materials, handcrafted to your specifications.

So, if you have a worn-out bed base, or the wrong type for your mattress and are worried it could be interfering with the quality of your sleep, you’ve come to the right place.

Our divan bed bases are designed and built to complement your mattress, providing you with the perfect sleep environment in terms of structure and support.

Therefore, we recommend that on replacement of old or distorted divan bases, new mattresses are also purchased.

We create every divan base to the highest possible quality, ensuring that they are sturdy, durable and stylish.

Quality Materials

We upholster our divan bases with cream cotton, to add a touch of class and style to your room, or striped ticking for a more traditional look.

You can choose from our pre-selected range of materials, or if you prefer you can send in any of your own materials. We will then assess to see if they meet our safety requirements, and if they do, we can upholster your base with them, so that it perfectly matches your interiors!

Range of Shapes and Sizes to Suit

As with our bespoke mattresses, we can tailor the depth of our bed bases to be as deep or shallow as you desire, to achieve the perfect night’s sleep.

Our bases can also be produced in different widths and shapes, making renovating your bedroom an easy, hassle-free process, so whether it’s a traditional double divan base or a particularly narrow one that you require, we can help.

While we can provide a divan base only for your existing mattress, we would recommend that these items are purchased together to avoid compromising on comfort.

In addition, using new mattresses with existing old divan bases can invalidate the warranty and reduce mattresses’ lifespans.

However, if you have recently purchased an odd size of mattress, or have a specific size requirement in mind, we can produce made to measure divan beds that will fit your room perfectly.

For more information on how we can create the perfect bed base for you, feel free to get in touch with us as we love to offer our expert tips and guidance!