When you want a great night’s sleep, you can count on The Odd Mattress Company to help as we offer some of the most comfy handmade mattresses available. We produce made to measure mattresses and can make mattresses of all kinds including round mattresses, long mattresses, short mattresses, narrow or wide mattresses and more.

We have a dedicated, friendly customer service team on the end of the phone to assist you with any queries about the handmade mattresses that we sell, so give us a call today to get a free quotation. Our bespoke mattresses are made with care and we use some of the finest fabrics and materials as well as offering extra side hand stitching to ensure that your mattress lasts for years.

All Types of Mattresses

We offer a wide range of mattresses, whether it’s a spare for your guest bed or the main mattress for your master bedroom. It could even be a caravan mattress to get a great night’s sleep while you’re away. Whatever it is, we have the solution. The range of mattresses we can offer include:

The Beaumont Range

Our Beaumont Mattresses are low cost, bespoke mattresses. You can buy our Beaumont Mattress in medium 14.5g, firm 13.5g or extra firm 12.5g and our sizes range of 2’6” to 7’6”. If you require a  Beaumont Mattress please contact our customer services team to discuss your special size mattress requirements.

The Hampton Range

The range of Hampton Mattresses are luxurious handmade interior sprung mattresses with deluxe cotton damask or tufted cotton ticking options. These exceptional handmade mattresses feature deep layers of natural wool blend duo pads, and to top it off the mattress is finished with a 1000gm hypoallergenic super-bond deluxe topping. Again you can opt for the Hampton Mattress in medium 14.5g, firm 13.5g or extra firm 12.5g and select from 2’6” to 7’6”.

Luxury Handmade Pocket Sprung Mattresses

This deluxe mattress is the ultimate selection for any sleep lover. Every spring in this mattress is lovingly wrapped in a fabric tube and works independently from the other springs, giving maximum comfort, durability and reducing the amount of mattress movement. The spring count indicates the comfort level – the higher the spring count the more springs contained within the mattress, and thus the more support and comfort. These stunning mattresses are upholstered using Belgian cotton damask or striped ticking. Enjoy a range from 1000 springs to the Kensington 3000 spring made with soft cashmere, warm lamb’s wool and cotton with long lasting heavy stitching to give your mattress a super long life.

To place your order, or to discuss your order requirements, please call us now on 01772 786666 or fill in the form below.