Bespoke Mattresses

You’re asleep for roughly a third of your life, why not sleep on a mattress that’s made for you?

Everybody should love their own bed. It’s homely, comfortable, and reassuring. But what if it was also made to your specification?

Imagine choosing your mattress’s size, firmness, filling, and depth to exact standards, rather than settling for a pre-made mattress that was designed to suit as many people as possible. We make that dream a reality!

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Why Choose A Made To Measure Mattress?

We’re so used to the idea of buying pre-made mattresses out of convenience that we’ve lost sight of the fact that sleep is a highly personal experience. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to bedtime so choosing a mattress that meets yours is really just common sense.

Our made to measure mattresses can be made to any length, and as wide as you’d like, and using the materials that suit you best – from cotton to cashmere. None of the irritating chemically treated fillings that mass-produced mattresses would use.

Custom Mattresses for Antique Beds

Not only are bespoke mattresses perfect for finally getting the ideal mattress for your sleep needs, they also make any unusual shaped bed frames functional. If you’ve got a custom or antique bed frame that a conventional mattress doesn’t fit, we can help.

It doesn’t matter if your antique bed is super-wide, shorter than normal, or even circular, a custom mattress can be made that will fit it perfectly. We love a challenge, so no bed shape is off limits.

The Bespoke Mattress Process
  • Choose your own size
  • Tell us if you need a custom shape crealing
  • Decide what support level is ideal
  • Pick the natural, luxurious filling that’s right for you
  • Choose extra deep filling or side stitching add-ons
Our Full Selection Of Natural Mattress Fillings
  • Cashmere
  • Cotton
  • Curled horse hair
  • Lamb’s wool
  • Natural latex

Because all of our mattress fillings are entirely natural, they’re hypoallergenic, non-irritable, and breathable. We then use 100% cotton ticking to cover our bespoke mattresses for a luxurious and comfortable finish.

Bespoke Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Our bespoke, made to measure mattresses are pocket sprung, meaning each spring is sewn into its own fabric pocket. Because each spring is independent of the rest, pocket sprung mattresses can adapt to and fit the contours of your body much more effectively than other types of mattress. Together with a soft natural filling, they provide the ultimate comfort as well as posture alignment and joint relieving support.