Bespoke Mattresses

There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed, especially when it has been perfectly handmade just for you, to fit your very own bed space and made to your specification. You get to choose the level of support, the size, the fabric, the filling, the depth… whatever it is that makes you happy and will give you the best night’s sleep, we can do it.

All Challenges Accepted

Whatever the challenge, The Odd Mattress Company will rise to it to deliver that perfect bespoke mattress. Although unusual styles of mattress can take a little longer to make, we guarantee you it will be worth the wait. We have an exceptional reputation for quality because every one of our handmade mattresses is made with the same TLC as the next. Your comfort and happiness is important to us.

When you buy a handmade mattress from The Odd Mattress Company, you get a deluxe mattress and we promise to give you the finest materials and traditional English craftsmanship. You’ll just love our luxury deep fillings including lamb’s wool and cashmere, lavish materials like Belgian cotton damask and the comfortable, warm feeling you get when you climb into bed.

Made To Measure Mattresses

You are able to order a deep filled luxury mattress made from the finest materials to suit your requirements. We are able to produce any bespoke mattress from 6’3” to 8’0” and any width to suit your specific needs. This makes our bespoke mattress service ideal for those with unusual size or shape beds. We also manufacture round mattresses for round beds so please visit the round mattresses page for more information on these.

Long, Short, Wide and Narrow Mattresses

We do offer a range of odd sized mattresses such as long mattresses, short mattresses, wide mattresses and narrow mattresses, however the bespoke mattresses service is aimed at unusual sizes that do not fall into any of these categories.

All of the bespoke mattresses from The Odd Mattress Company can also be selected with additional hand side stitching and rounded or cut out corners. Zipping and linking is also an option and this allows for mattresses to be attached to one another to create super-size mattresses and for maximum versatility. For example, if you and your sleeping partner like a different firmness, you can both choose your own level of support by zipping two mattresses together.