European/Continental Mattresses

At The Odd Mattress Company, as you would imagine, we have a full range of continental mattresses and four poster bed mattresses for added luxury in the bedroom. If you have a beautiful four poster bed in your home, why spoil it with a budget mattress when you can come to us and order a luxury soft and comfortable four poster mattress that is supportive and warm? We are specialists in bespoke mattresses and we are also able to manufacture you a luxury European mattress specifically to fit your bed.

We understand that if you have taken the time and effort to source a quality four poster or continental bed, you’ll want a luxury mattress to top it off. We have designed mattresses specifically for these bed types to make sure that not only is your bed the focal point in your bedroom, but it is also functional and comfortable for when you get into bed at night.

European Mattresses

If you are in need of a continental mattress to fit your bed you’re in the right place as we hand craft bespoke mattresses of this type. They are flexible sprung mattresses that provide exceptional support for your body while you sleep and maximum comfort. These continental mattresses are also referred to as European mattresses as they are made to fit European sized beds (such as Ikea beds) and are made to standard European sizes.

Whether you need a single, double, king size or bespoke European mattresses The Odd Mattress Company can meet your requirements.

Affordable Luxury in the Bedroom

When you put your trust in us at The Odd Mattress Company, your trust is rewarded as you will get the finest quality of European or four poster mattress made from luxury Belgian cotton damask fabric, filled with cashmere, lamb’s wool and other deluxe materials. We care deeply about the comfort of our customers and all of our four poster and European sized mattresses come handmade to the highest of standards – our mattresses are built to last.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs if you are looking to buy any of our mattresses including a four poster or continental mattress as we will be able to check your requirements and help you to make the right choice to suit your needs.