European/Continental Mattresses

Follow the continent’s lead with European mattresses to fit European sized beds.

If you’ve got a European sized bed, regular UK mattresses will fall short of a perfect fit. On the continent mattress are sometimes smaller or larger than standard UK mattresses.

We hand-craft European and continental mattresses using the same process we use for all of our bespoke mattresses, resulting in a comfortable, luxurious, and supportive mattress that’s made exactly to European size guidelines.

Do you have questions on a European or continental mattress? Get in touch on 01772 786666 or complete the contact form below, we are always happy to help.

What Size Are European Mattresses?

Single Mattress

UK: 3’ x 6’3”
EU: 90 x 190cm

Double Mattress

UK: 4’6” x 6’3”
EU: 140 x 190cm

King Size Mattress

UK: 5’ x 6’6”
EU: 150 x 200cm or 160 x 200cm

We can make you the perfect single, double, or king size European mattress or, if you’re looking for something a bit more unique, take advantage of our bespoke service to alter the measurements.

Why Would You Need A European Mattress?

There are a couple of main reasons you’ll need a continental mattress, and we can cater for all of them. You might have bought a European sized bed frame and realised that your English mattress is too small, you might have loved the extra room on your last holiday to Spain and can’t give it up, you might just be looking for a mattress that’s long enough for you.

Bespoke European Mattresses

We hand craft our continental mattresses, just like we do all our products. We use the finest materials in construction, including all-natural fillings and 100% cotton ticking, to make sure they’re hypoallergenic, breathable, and non-irritable.

Our custom mattresses are especially perfect if you’ve got a unique European bed frame with slightly altered dimensions or if you have any special requirements like rounded or cut-out corners.