Four-Poster Mattresses

Sleep like royalty on a four-poster bed.

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Four-poster beds are the ultimate in bedroom luxury and throughout their history they have been a sign of sophistication and wealth. In Medieval and Renaissance times they were highly sought after by merchants and for royalty and members of the nobility, it was customary to have extremely grand and ornate four-poster beds.

Whether your four-poster bed is an antique or a more contemporary slimmed-down design, a four-poster mattress is the only choice for a mattress that fits perfectly.

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Custom Shaped Four-Poster Mattresses

What separates the mattresses we make for four-poster beds from the rest of our designs is their perfect fit. We can cut the corners of your mattress to exact specifications so that they fit perfectly around your bed posts.

Four-poster beds come in all shapes and sizes, so if the design of your bed requires more custom dimensions, such as extra length or width, speak to one of our advisers about getting a bespoke mattress made just for you.

Luxury Four-Poster Mattresses

When you order a four-poster mattress from us, you’ll get all of the benefits of our high-quality luxury mattress design and construction processes, made from the finest materials.

You can choose from all-natural materials like latex, cashmere, and lamb’s wool for the filling with a Belgian cotton finish. All our luxury four-poster bed mattresses are pocket sprung, providing maximum comfort and support for a great night’s rest.