Large Mattresses

Choose a mattress that’s bigger, better, and more bespoke!

You know what they say about big mattresses… they lead to big improvements in sleep. If you’re looking for the roomiest, comfiest, and most supportive mattress you’ve ever had, choosing a bespoke large mattress is the key.

We’re adaptable to your needs and can make mattresses that are as wide, long, or deep as you’d like. With the room you’ve always wanted to stretch, roll, and starfish, you’re sure to get the sleep you need.

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Extra-Large Mattresses

Sometimes a king size mattress just isn’t enough and you need extra personal space. Whether because you have an oversized custom bed frame or a particularly large and spacious bedroom, or you just want as much space as possible in bed to relax in, there’s always a reason to size up.

Our bespoke large mattress service means that you can get the mattress of your dreams, up to 8’ in length (no chance of dangling feet) and as wide as you need. If you suffer from restless leg syndrome, or need some space from your radiator of a partner, an extra-large mattress is perfect for you.

Deep Mattresses

We don’t just make large mattresses, we can also make your mattress extra-deep, up to 13”. Deeper mattresses reflect the layers of deep more luxurious fillings within the mattress. By using curled hair, cotton and lambs wool.

Are Deep Mattresses More Comfortable?

We’d say so. Although there’s no one type of mattress that is best for everyone, the deeper the mattress, the more likely it is to be more supportive and therefore more comfortable. Combined with the correct firmness level for you, an extra-deep mattress is the closest you’ll get to maximum lumbar support and luxurious bliss in bed.

Creating Your Bespoke Large Mattress

We create each one of our custom mattresses to our customers individual specification. You’ll get to choose just how large your large mattress is with our range of options. Here’s what you can customise:


You can go from typical single size of 190cm all the way up to 240cm.


Our bespoke mattresses come from 90cm wide to, well, as wide as you want. With zip and link technology we can also join mattresses together widthways to achieve your required specification.


Want a deeper mattress that’s got even more filling than normal? Choose deep fill to get the comfiest, most luxurious sleep.


We use all-natural materials such as cotton, cashmere, curled horse hair, lamb’s wool, or latex.


We can design the mattress to suit your body weight and personal preferences.

Custom Cut

Need an extra-large mattress for a four-poster bed? We can cut the corners to shape so it fits perfectly.