Long Mattresses

Don’t settle for sleeping diagonally, go long with your next mattress.

We’re all getting taller, with average height up 11cm since the 1870s. If you’re one of the many people whose feet hang off the edge of the bed every night (you’re not alone), choosing to get a bespoke long mattress will make all the difference.

As part of our bespoke mattress service, we can tailor your mattress’s length to suit you. Whether you’re looking for a couple of extra centimetres or a whole extra foot and half, a long mattress is the solution.

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Tall Mattresses For Tall People

A mattress should support your posture while you’re sleeping and plays a vital role in your quality of sleep. If you’re too tall for conventional mattresses though, which isn’t uncommon, your feet probably hang off the edge.

This isn’t great for sleeping comfort, first of all, but it can also force you to sleep in strange positions to get your whole body on the bed which, in turn, can contribute towards joint pains.

If you’re 6’0” (180cm) or taller, you’re too big for a regular single or double mattress. That’s why we’re proud to sell extra-long mattresses for tall people everywhere.

How Long Should A Mattress Be?

A regular single or double mattress is 190cm (just over 6’3”) and a European single or double is 200cm (6’6”). That means that a significant percentage of the population are naturally too long for a standard mattress, and a smaller percentage are too big even for the more generous continental variant.

A mattress should be at least 10cm longer than the person sleeping in it to guarantee full support and no overhanging limbs.

Our bespoke long mattresses don’t just come in pre-set sizes, you can choose exactly how long you want yours to be. Anything above 6’3” is classed as a long mattress and anything between 7’ and 8’ is an extra-long mattress.

Bespoke Long Mattresses

You don’t have to stop at an extra-long mattress. Because our bespoke mattress service is entirely customisable, you can change everything else about your mattress too – from its width to its depth, its filling to its shape.

Building your bespoke extra-long mattress from the ground up is the only way to make sure your bed is perfect for you.