Narrow Mattresses

Narrow mattresses that are perfect for small spaces.

Make full use of your available space by furnishing a small bedroom, camper van, box bedroom, or small attic space with a narrow mattress and accompanying bespoke bed base.

Our pocket sprung narrow mattresses can be made to your specific measurements to ensure they fit perfectly in the space you have. As well as having the chance to choose the narrowness of your mattress, you can also choose how long, deep, and firm it is to ensure that you get the perfect sleep.

Tell us exactly what size your narrow mattress needs to be and we’ll do the rest. Get in touch on 01772 786666 or complete the contact form below.

Narrow Mattress Sizes

Our standard sized mattresses range from 2’6” (75cm) to 8’0 (240cm) wide in 6” (15cm) increments.

However, we don’t need to stick to these standard sizes and, if you have special requirements for a custom width that we don’t already provide, you can get a pocket-sprung mattress built to your specification.

We can also provide a matching divan base to fit your new narrow mattress. This can be upholstered in a choice of fabrics or your own material to ensure that the overall design is exactly what you wanted.

Custom Made Narrow Mattresses

Because our bespoke mattress service is entirely customisable, you can change everything else about your mattress too – from its width to its depth, its filling to its shape.

Building your bespoke narrow mattress from scratch is the only way to make sure your bed is perfect for you.

The range of natural materials we use to construct our mattresses includes lamb’s wool, cotton, and natural latex. These materials are all ideal for use as mattress fillings, providing the ultimate in comfort, support, and breathability.

Zip And Link Functionality

Zip and link beds are essentially two separate smaller mattresses that can be zipped together. This type of mattress is popular for partners who sleep in the same bed but have completely different mattress preferences, or where access to the bedroom or attic restricts the use of a full-sized pocket mattress.

Choosing to go for two narrow mattresses with zip and link functionality, rather than one larger one, means that both you and your partner can get the mattress filling and firmness that you want.