Round Mattresses

Get the perfect fit for your round bed base with a custom round mattress.

The four-poster bed was once sought after for its sophistication and class in Medieval and Renaissance times and the round bed is its modern counterpart.

Round beds are unusual enough to make a room look modern and stylish, but they actually have a range of practical benefits over traditional beds which make them a good choice when you have the space.

Although round beds have never been more popular, they’re still not common enough to make appearances in high street mattress shops. However, since our bespoke mattresses can be made to fit circular beds of any size, we’re the only place to go for round mattresses.

Do you have a round bed and need a perfect mattress to fit? Get in touch to discuss your requirements with us on 01772 786666 or by completing the contact form below.

round mattresses

Made To Measure Round Mattresses

Round beds are usually made bespoke, but even the pre-made ones don’t fit into any standard size guide. This means that the dimensions of your round mattress need to be tailored specifically to your bed base to make sure it’s a perfect fit.

Because we make all of our mattresses to customer specifications, this isn’t a problem. All you have to do is provide the right measurements in terms of length, width, depth, and shape and we can make your round mattress.

This process also means that you can also decide what level of firmness you want your mattress to have and what all-natural filling you’d like inside.

Luxury Round Mattresses

When you order a round mattress from us, you will be ordering a high-quality luxury product made from the finest materials. We have years of experience in the trade and use traditional English crafting methods to hand make all our mattresses.

During the design process, you’ll get to choose from materials like latex, cashmere, lamb’s wool, cotton, and curled horse hair for your filling. These all-natural materials are perfect for use in mattresses, with hypoallergenic properties and moisture wicking qualities.

All our round mattresses are also pocket sprung, meaning each spring in the bed operates individually for maximum support and a great night’s rest.

We Do Odd Mattresses

We specialise in bespoke and unusually shaped mattresses because we know that not all beds fit into typical size charts. If you’re looking for a round mattress that’s made with care and precision, contact us today.