Round Mattresses

In the modern world you can pretty much get any piece of furniture that you want, and round beds have become fairly popular in recent years for people looking for something a little different. But the problem can be finding a high quality round mattress to fit that is comfortable, supportive and of quality. At The Odd Mattress Company, we hand craft round mattresses to specification and our made to measure round mattresses are manufactured using the most luxurious of materials. For round mattresses, you are able to opt for any size and any depth to get the right feel and support for you.

You are able to choose from any of our luxury fillings, right from the standard hypoallergenic or duo pad fillings up to our cashmere, lamb’s wool and cashmere options. We also offer extra side hand stitching for a more durable round mattress that is built to last.

The Modern Stylish Choice

A round mattress is the perfect way to create a contemporary style and look to your bedroom, and with the help of our traditional craft skills and care, your stylish modern bed can be snug and warm, comfortable and supportive too. Remember, you are always in control and you have the choice of a range of firmness options, fillings and materials.

Handmade Mattresses from a Reliable Company

Here at The Odd Mattress Company, we are well known for our quality products and made to measure mattresses for unusual sized and shaped beds, including our ever popular round mattress products. As we like to say:

“Long or short, broad or thin, we can supply anything. Whatever shape, however deep, we guarantee a good night’s sleep.” We understand that getting the right measurements for your handmade bespoke round mattresses isn’t an easy task, but don’t fret because our helpful team are on hand and can assist you. Just give us a call today about your round mattress requirements and we can help you by guiding you through how to measure your round bed to get the perfect fitting mattress made from the finest luxury materials. We have an exceptional reputation for our handmade mattresses including short mattresses, round mattresses, long or wide mattresses and more so please get in touch with us and visit our other pages if you’re in need of an unusual sized mattress as we have lots of information about our bespoke odd sized mattresses throughout the site.