Short Mattresses

If you are in need of a children’s mattress or short mattress to fit your short sized bed, you’re in the right place. We at The Odd Mattress Company specialise in bespoke and made to measure mattresses of the finest quality including short mattress perfect for bespoke beds. The carefully handmade short mattresses from us are made from luxurious materials to keep your warm, comfortable and snug for the best night’s sleep. We design short mattresses around your own specifications, so if you are looking for a children’s mattress, bespoke mattress or made to measure mattress to fit a bespoke bed we’re the people to call.

We have many years of experience in the trade and use traditional English craft methods to hand make your luxury mattress. Depending on the style that you order, we use fabrics such as Belgian cotton damask or striped ticking and your mattress can be filled either with hypoallergenic filling, natural wool dup pads, cahsmere or lamb’s wool. It’s entirely your choice as to just how lavish you want your mattress to be.

You Choose the Firmness

Even when you order a short mattress, you are in control and you are able to choose the firmness to get that perfect mattress for a great night’s sleep. Our Beaumont and Hampton ranges offer a choice of medium 14.5g, firm 13.5g or extra firm 12.5g, while the luxury handmade pocket springs come in medium 16g (1000 spring count), 17.5g soft/medium (1200 spring count), 17.5g deep cotton filling (1350 spring count), 17.5g lamb’s wool filling (1500 spring count) or the Kensington with cotton, lamb’s wool and cashmere filling (3000), which is the most luxurious on offer. If you are interested in our short mattress products and you have any questions or would like to place an order, please get in touch with our customer services team who are extremely friendly and have the knowledge to be able to assist with your enquiry.