Short Mattresses

Short mattresses for box rooms, short beds, and children’s beds.

If you’re looking for a shorter mattress that is made to measure, fully customisable, and constructed with high quality materials, you’re in the right place.

Our short mattresses are perfect for use as children’s mattresses or for short beds in small rooms, but they offer all the comfort and support of our regular sized mattresses and are made from the same luxurious materials and with the same expert techniques.

Don’t compromise on comfort just because you need a short or children’s mattress, choose us for a perfectly sized mattress that’s handmade with care and expertise.

Do you own a short bed which needs a new mattress? Get in touch with us on 01772 786666 or by completing the contact form below.

Luxury Hand Crafted Short Mattresses

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We’ve been making mattresses of all sizes by hand for years, using traditional English crafting methods to create bespoke mattresses that are comfortable and supportive. Our short handmade mattresses are perfect for small beds in small rooms or children’s beds, offering the same sleep quality and joint support that our full-size mattresses offer, just in a smaller package.

Choosing a handmade mattress means that you’ll benefit from our expertise and experience and can have a say in every element of your mattress.

Bespoke Short Mattresses

Everything about your short mattress can be customised, from its exact length to its width, its firmness to its filling.

You can choose from a range of all-natural fillings including:

  • Cotton
  • Natural latex
  • Curled horse hair
  • Lamb’s wool
  • Cashmere

We use Belgian cotton as a finishing material for a traditional look and feel.

If you have other requirements for your short mattress, such as extra depth or length, we can also take those into account. Our bespoke mattresses are made to your specification, so just let us know what you need from your short mattress and we’ll do the rest.