Special Size Mattresses

Although we do offer a range of standard sized handmade mattresses, our specialty here at The Odd Mattress Company is special size mattresses and made to measure mattresses to fit unusual or odd sized beds. We are able to provide a bespoke mattress service allowing you to order any size that you need for a perfect fitting luxurious mattress.

Notes About Made To Measure Mattresses

All of our special size handmade mattresses are made using the softest, most comfortable natural and flexible materials for the perfect night’s sleep. It is important to therefore remember that due to the natural flexibility of the materials that we use that minor variations of +/-1.5% may occur from time to time and these tolerances should be considered when taking your measurements before placing any orders. In the unlikely event that you encounter significant issues with any order we will always do everything that we can to properly rectify the issue and provide you with a mattress that is a good fit.

Please note that it is your responsibility to provide us with correct measurements, and if any errors are made by you in providing the measurements we are unable to provide a refund.

Additional Charges for Special Sizes

If you are looking to buy short or narrow mattresses, we charge an additional 10% on top of the standard prices for reductions in length or width that are under the standard sizes. For extra width beds, simply choose a mattress in the next width column upwards and add 10% to have it reduced in width, e.g.: You want a mattress 4’8″ wide – choose a 5’0″ mattress and to have it reduced in width – add 10% to the 5’0″ price. For long and extra long mattresses, please add 20% to the price for up to 6’9”, add 25% for up to 7’0”, add 30% up to 7’6” and add 35% for up to 8’0”.

Comfort Your Way

With most of our mattress styles we offer extras such as additional hand side stitching for better durability, and rounded or cut out corners that are ideal for four poster beds. Zipping and linking is also available which allows for two or more handmade mattresses to be linked together for maximum versatility. For example, if your sleeping partner likes a different firmness to you, you could order two narrow mattresses and add zipping and linking to add them together to make one big bed. The most important thing to stress is that if you have any queries or if you need clarification on how to take the correct measurements for your bed, please contact our customer care team who can advise you to prevent providing us with incorrect measurements, as no refunds will be made if you provide us with the wrong measurements.