Wide Mattresses

Extra wide mattresses for all the space you’ve ever wanted in bed.

In the Great British Sleep Survey of 2012, 34% of participants said that they felt their partner kept them awake at night.

Sleeping in the same bed as your partner can be difficult if one of you has problems with restlessness or light sleeping, but most of the time a little bit of extra space in bed would make all the difference.

With a wide mattress, you have the chance to improve your sleeping experience by creating a bed that’s as wide as you want, or even one constructed of two different halves for couples with differing preferences.

Tell us exactly what size your wide mattress needs to be and we’ll do the rest. Get in touch on 01772 786666 or by completing the contact form below.

Bespoke Wide Mattresses

As with all mattresses we create, you can opt for a handmade wide mattress in whatever size you need, altering the length and depth as well as the width. This is ideal for if you have an antique or European bed that has unusual dimensions, or if you’re just looking for extra room in bed.

It’s important, especially with bespoke wide mattresses, that you get the measurements right, so we advise you speak to us to check how to take the right measurements for any wide mattresses that you wish to order.

You’ll also get help from our expert team to determine what level of mattress firmness is best for you and what materials suit your needs, choosing from our range of all-natural fillings. These steps are what make a bespoke mattress so special and ensure that your wide mattress will be perfect for you.

Zip And Link Functionality

As well as wide mattresses that are constructed as one whole piece, we can provide two zip and link mattresses that join together to create a mattress that’s twice the size.

A zip and link mattress combination is perfect for couples who want different things out of their mattresses – whether that’s in terms of depth or filling material.

This technology also means there’s no limit to the width of your mattress, as you can zip and link as many mattresses together as you’d like to fit your space.

Luxury Wide Mattresses

All our mattresses are made by hand, and with only the highest quality fillings, exterior fabrics and finishes. This means you’ll be able to decide exactly what goes into your mattress.

Each of the luxury natural materials we use has its own benefits, from hypoallergenic properties to moisture wicking and temperature moderation. The range of fillings you can choose from includes cotton, lamb’s wool, cashmere, curled horse hair, and natural latex.