Motorhome and Campervan Mattresses

motorhome mattress

Choose a custom fully sprung mattress for your home away from home and never miss your bed again.

Long days of adventuring and holidaying can be exhausting but a custom motorhome or campervan mattress can help you to get the rest you deserve on your breaks.

A fully pocket sprung made to measure mattress will make all the difference in your motorhome, helping you to relax at the end of a day’s leisure and offering unrivalled joint support.

Don’t sacrifice your sleep just because you’re away from home – choose a bespoke motorhome mattress from The Odd Mattress Company.

To find out more about how to order a motorhome or campervan mattress with The Odd Mattress Company, contact us online or by calling 01772 786666 for further information.

Motorhome Mattress Features And Benefits

There are a range of qualities and features that you’ll want in your motorhome mattress to make sure you get the best rest on the road.

Pocket Sprung

All of our mattresses are fully pocket sprung, offering greater levels of comfort and support than a regular foam mattress. Each spring adapts to the contours of your body, supporting you where it matters.

Perfect Fit

Motorhome beds are often oddly shaped to maximise space in the bedroom. Fortunately, bespoke motorhome mattresses can be made to order based off your bed’s exact dimensions. We can fully customise the width, length, and shape of your mattress, so no matter what the bed in your motorhome is like, you’ll get a perfect fit.


Low ceilings in motorhomes can create claustrophobic sleeping situations, so a shallow mattress is essential to create an airy bedroom environment. We can create mattresses as shallow as 6” and, because of their unique deep-fill construction, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for space.


If you’re going to be taking your motorhome to hot destinations, choosing a mattress that’s breathable is essential for comfort. Our choice of mattress fillings, including cotton and lamb’s wool, will keep you well ventilated at night as well as absorbing excess perspiration.

Why Choose The Odd Mattress Company

We’re mattress experts, with over 30 years of experience creating high-quality bespoke mattresses for all types of beds, so we know what’s needed for a good sleep. From proper body support to a breathable mattress filling, every element of our custom mattresses is designed to make your sleep as restful and comfortable as possible.

We use traditional English crafting methods to make sure our mattresses are built to last and each material we craft with is specially chosen for quality and luxury. You can choose from a variety of deluxe filling materials including cashmere, horsehair, lambswool, and cotton, with all mattresses being upholstered in a 100% cotton cover.

Our bespoke service is tailored to you and one of our expert team members will talk you through each stage of designing your perfect motorhome mattress, from helping you to take accurate measurements to advising on the right level of support.

There’s no better way to guarantee that the mattress in your motorhome is no less comfortable than your mattress at home than choosing The Odd Mattress Company. Don’t miss your bed while you’re on holiday, sleep well every night with a bespoke motorhome mattress.