Narrowboat Mattress

narrowboat on a canal with a mattress inside

Choose a custom-made, fully sprung mattress for your narrowboat to ensure your sleep is as peaceful as the water.

Britain has some of the world’s most beautiful canals, towpaths and waterways, making a holiday spent on the water one to remember. However, they’re not just for the summer – many people choose narrowboats as a cheaper alternative to inner-city living.

Whether you’ll be on the canals all year round or just for a few weeks at a time, it’s important to get your mattress right. Long days navigating waterways, operating canal locks and finally mooring down for the night can be tiring – but a supportive custom mattress can transform the way you sleep, ensuring your back and joints are supported.

The Odd Mattress Company produce excellent quality bespoke narrowboat mattresses, made by experienced craftspeople. Our made-to-order designs are ideal for spaces of any size, meaning that you can truly revolutionise the way you rest in the confines of your narrowboat.

To find out more about how to order a narrowboat mattress with The Odd Mattress Company, contact us online or by calling 01772 786666 for further information.

Narrowboat Mattress Features And Benefits

A good mattress is indispensable, so invest in the right mattress for your narrowboat to ensure that your back and joints are supported as you rest.  

Pocket Sprung

Pocket-sprung mattresses have individual springs contained inside the mattress. Each spring will adjust to fit the contours of your body, offering full support from your head to your feet. This means that even after a physically demanding day on the canals, your weight will be evenly distributed across the mattress leading to a restful sleep.

Custom Fit

Space is at a premium inside narrowboats – with each boat being an average of just 2 metres wide. Because of their width, it’s important to plan the layout of your boat to maximise the space. A custom mattress from The Odd Mattress Company allows you to decide on the exact length and shape, so no space is wasted by an oversized mattress.

Narrow Or Shallow

Narrowboats are, by their nature, narrow – as well as usually having low ceilings. To avoid the space feeling claustrophobic, it’s important to downsize furniture including your bed and mattress. Choosing a narrow mattress will mean you can fit more into your narrowboat, whilst a shallow mattress prevents you from being uncomfortably close to the ceiling when you’re lying in bed.


Choose a natural mattress filling to keep you cool as you sleep in the warmer months, and they’ll also retain the heat throughout the winter. Say goodbye to an uncomfortable night’s sleep with a mattress that will help to moderate your body warmth perfectly. Our mattress fillings are also hypoallergenic.

Why Buy From The Odd Mattress Company?

With over 30 years of mattress expertise, here at The Odd Mattress Company, we produce narrowboat mattresses that will ensure you sleep as well on the canals as you do on land. Each of our bespoke narrowboat mattresses are designed to support your body and joints, whilst saving space and providing excellent breathability.

Each of our natural mattress fillings are chosen for their quality. Using traditional crafting methods, your mattress is built to last. With filling choices including cashmere wool, horsehair, lambswool and cotton, all are finished with a 100% cotton cover.

Our bespoke mattress service is tailored to your requirements. Contact one of our mattress experts today for advice and guidance on how to choose the perfect narrowboat mattress.

There’s no better way to guarantee that the mattress in your narrowboat is no less comfortable than your mattress at home than by choosing The Odd Mattress Company. Don’t miss your bed while you’re on holiday, sleep well every night with a bespoke narrowboat mattress.