Static Caravan Mattresses

static caravan on a hill

Choose a custom fully sprung mattress for your static caravan to ensure your holidays are truly restful.

Whether you’re at home or away, you deserve a good night’s sleep. Long days out enjoying the summer sunshine on holiday can take their toll on your back and joints, but a properly supportive custom mattress could transform the way you sleep when you’re in your caravan.

If you’re looking for a brand-new mattress for your static caravan, consider a bespoke, fully pocket sprung mattress from The Odd Mattress Company. It could revolutionise the rest you get on your holidays!

To find out more about how to order a static caravan mattress with The Odd Mattress Company, contact us online or by calling 01772 786666 for further information.

Static Caravan Mattress Features And Benefits

A good mattress is indispensable, so invest in the right mattress for your static caravan to support your back and joints and keep you sleeping well even when you’re away from home.

Pocket Sprung

Pocket-sprung mattresses can offer comfort throughout the night. The individual springs contained inside the mattress will cater to the contours of your body to offer proper support from your head to your feet, ensuring that you get a blissful sleep and don’t wake up achy.

Custom Fit

Caravan owners understand that space is at a premium and getting furniture that fits the specific layout of your caravan is important in maximising it. A custom mattress from The Odd Mattress Company will allow you to pick the right size and shape to fit the confines of your caravan bedrooms, making sure that no space is wasted.

Narrow Or Shallow

Static caravans are often designed to ensure the available space is optimised. This means bedrooms may require mattresses which are of a shallower depth and also narrower than a standard sized mattress.


There’s nothing more unpleasant than being uncomfortable because of heat in the night – especially in static caravans where ventilation might not be optimal. At The Odd Mattress Company, each of our natural mattress fillings will help to keep you well ventilated in the warmer months.

Why Buy From The Odd Mattress Company

We understand what’s important for a good night’s sleep at The Odd Mattress Company, and with over 30 years of expertise, we can design a mattress that will help you get the same quality sleep in your caravan as you do at home. Each of our custom caravan mattresses is designed to support your body and joints.

Each mattress material is chosen for its quality, and using traditional crafting methods, the mattresses are built to last. Choose from a range of natural mattress fillings that include cashmere wool, horsehair, lambswool and cotton – all finished with a 100% cotton cover.

Our bespoke mattress service is tailored to your requirements and by contacting one of our mattress experts, you can get advice and guidance on how to choose the perfect caravan mattress.

There’s no better way to guarantee that the mattress in your caravan is no less comfortable than your mattress at home than choosing The Odd Mattress Company. Don’t miss your bed while you’re on holiday, sleep well every night with a bespoke caravan mattress.