How to Deal with Bedwetting in Children

Whilst wetting the bed can be an embarrassing period for children, it can be equally as stressful for adults. The constant changing of sheets can be frustrating if your child wets the bed every night, but it’s not an uncommon thing for those in the early stages of parenthood to experience. Bedwetting, also known as … Continue reading “How to Deal with Bedwetting in Children”

What causes night terrors in toddlers?

If you have ever experienced someone else having a night terror, you were probably quite distressed by what you saw. Much worse than a nightmare but very different, night terrors are difficult to be woken up from. Read on to learn how to recognise night terrors in toddlers, what to do if a child is … Continue reading “What causes night terrors in toddlers?”

How much sleep do children and babies need?

You spend ages rocking them to sleep, singing nursery rhymes, reading books and shushing them until they fall into the deepest slumber. Time to put your feet up? Think again. The peace and quiet doesn’t always last long as your child may wake up sporadically throughout the night. You may feel frustrated, not only because … Continue reading “How much sleep do children and babies need?”

The Most Common Child Sleeping Habits

The sleeping schedule of your child can be distressing, problematic and stressful. Early risers and nightmares can cause problems for both the parent and child, with bad habits beginning to show from just a few months old. The irregular sleeping of children can often lead to bad sleeping habits, which can impact their sleeping schedule … Continue reading “The Most Common Child Sleeping Habits”

How Lack of Sleep Can Affect Your Children’s Concentration at School

Have you ever struggled to focus on your work after a bad night’s sleep? Getting too little sleep can have a huge negative effect on your ability to concentrate well, but its effects can be even worse for children. Since children need a greater amount of sleep than adults for healthy development and growth, the … Continue reading “How Lack of Sleep Can Affect Your Children’s Concentration at School”