How to Fly Around the World Without Feeling Jetlagged

Long-haul flights and jet lag seem to go hand in hand. Whether you’re flying across the Atlantic or on a trans-continental trip, journeys that either shorten or lengthen your day can result in serious disturbances to your sleep patterns. Luckily, the annoying phenomenon known as jet lag can be avoided using a mix of pre-flight … Continue reading “How to Fly Around the World Without Feeling Jetlagged”

10 Popular (But Untrue) Myths About Sleep

Sleep has been fascinating scientists for hundreds of years. Despite being one of the most studied fields of human behaviour, we still know a surprisingly limited amount about the how and why behind sleep. Despite this, hundreds of myths about sleep – from the best foods to eat before you get into bed to the … Continue reading “10 Popular (But Untrue) Myths About Sleep”